Dementia Support

Dementia Peer Support Online Information Café

Age UK Sutton is the new providers of peer support for people affected by dementia, with Sutton Carers Centre providing additional, specialist peer support groups.

The online peer support information café for people living with a diagnosis of dementia and their carers will continue for the next six weeks, from 22 July 2021 on Thursdays at 11:00.

To register your interest call or email Age UK Sutton.

Telephone: 020 8078 0002



Dementia Carers Peer Support Group

Groups for those living with dementia and their carer, family or friends – drop in, no commitment.

Through peer support groups, you can:

  • Meet a friendly group of people in the same situation as you
  • Share your own experiences and strategies
  • Receive information and advice relevant to you, through guest speakers and tailored support

Where do they meet?

Online or in person in central Sutton or Cheam.


Regular Friday meetings for everyone, plus once a month meetings for those newly diagnosed, and weekly meetings on Tuesdays for carers.

For more information, contact:

Telephone: 020 8078 0002 / 074 7646 2857