Care Data and Data Opt Out

Explanation of The NHS Digital Data Extraction for Planning & Research

The  NHS has been using pseudonymised patient data for more than 10 years to enable the planning and research necessary to provide better services for patients. The results of using GP practice data in this way have, for instance:

  • helped to plan the roll-out of the Covid 19 vaccine programme;
  • are helping to research the effects of ‘long Covid’ and develop treatments to prevent it or lessen its severity;
  • are helping to plan services at local level to meet particular local needs.

Without this data, patients at both local and national level may not receive the best services and treatments that they need.

With regards general practice, as from 1st September 2021, a new system, Data Access Request Service (DARS), will replace the existing General Practice Extraction Service (GPES).

The data that DARS will collect from the patient record does not include any data that can directly identify you; your name, address, NHS Number and date of birth are all protected by de-identification software before the data is received by NHS Digital.

The process and purposes of the data extraction are explained by NHS Digital in greater detail at – How confidential patient information is used.

If you do not want your patient data to be shared outside your practice for purposes except your own direct care, you can opt out of NHS Digital collecting your data by completing the Register your Type 1 Opt Out preference form.

If you do not want NHS Digital to share your data with other organisations you can opt-out by completing a National Data Opt-Out form on the NHS Digital website – Make your choice.

A patient cannot opt-out from their data being shared for their direct care. A full explanation of how this practice uses your data in order to provide your care together with your rights under the Data Protection Act 2018 and the GDPR, is available in this practice’s Privacy Notice.