Complaints and Feedback

You can provide feedback or make a complaint in one of the following ways although we do prefer for them to be made in writing so that all the information is clearly documented from the start.

  • By completing a feedback and complaints form. This is our preferred method of contact to provide the information we need and to give us the time to investigate the complaint and respond.
  • By Telephone – please call the practice on 0208 669 6186 and ask to speak to the Practice Manager. If she is not available you may be able to ask for her to call you back or you may be directed to make the initial contact via the dashboard just so the information is recorded fully and can be investigated.
  • In Person – ask for the Practice Manager at reception. If the Practice Manager is not available, our staff can take details and the Practice Manager will contact you.

When a complaint has been received, we will be in touch to acknowledge this and as set out in our complaints policy. If you remain dissatisfied you can also consider contacting the Health Services Ombudsman and again their contact details are in our policy.