Test Results

If you have had investigations you can review these results via Patient Access.

We no longer provide copies of results to patients as this takes up valuable admin staff time and they are available online.

If your result shows anything which requires immediate action, we will make every reasonable effort to contact you about this. For this reason, please do ensure that your contact details are kept up to date. If you need to update your contact details, you can complete the Change Personal Details form.

If your result shows that you need to discuss something non urgently with a doctor, reception will advise you to make an appointment through our Consulting Room or will arrange for a clinician to call you.

If your result has been seen by a doctor and is normal, reception or admin staff are authorised to give you this information but they are not authorised to provide the readings to you by phone.

If you need to enquire about your results please do so after 11:00 weekdays when the phones may be less busy and choose option 4 on the system for reception.