Retirement of Dr Wilson

As you may know Dr Wilson retired from the practice at the end of May. We have been recruiting and establishing a plan for the re-allocation of his usual Dr status to another Dr(s).

This piece of work is now complete and any patients who had previously been allocated to Dr Wilson as usual Dr have now been re-allocated to either Dr Addo (our new GP), Dr Roughley or Dr Oliver.

The majority of patients have been re-allocated to Dr Addo. If you wish to check your re-allocation please feel free to call the practice. The usual Dr status does not mean that is the only doctor you can or will consult with, this remains your preference in a routine situation and in an urgent situation any of our clinicians (not just doctors) may speak to you.

The usual Dr will normally get sent routine paperwork or scripts to sign for those on their list and they may also get internal allocations of work for that list of patients but otherwise there is no direct impact to patients.

We hope you find this helpful and thank you for your patience with this exercise.